September 10, 2021
Introducing: Uhuru

You might remember Christian the lion as a media sensation during his time in London. Or perhaps from his resurgence as a viral phenomenon online. This may be the first you’re hearing of him. Either way, one thing is for certain – if this cheeky chap hasn’t stolen your heart to date, it’s only a […]

September 1, 2021
Introducing: Now You See Me

Creeping stealthily out of the shadows with only one thing on her mind. The moonlight illuminates this jaguar's face just moments before she delivers her fatal blow – a sight most only see once in a lifetime. 'Now You See Me' allows you to explore that moment. Experience this formidable creature in her element, showcasing […]

July 22, 2021
Introducing: The Head of The King

When you picture a lion, what do you see? Do you imagine a mane, surrounding a powerful battle-scarred face, with a hint of tooth on show? Or perhaps you see a stately creature, sitting regally – head held high, gazing out across his kingdom. When we think of lions, our thoughts so often go straight […]

June 29, 2021
Introducing: The Felidae Series

Six years old, sitting crossed legged on my bedroom floor. It’s after school and I’m focussed on just one question. My prize possession, two shoe boxes of tiny animal figures sprawled across the room. Rodents the size of elephants, rabbits the size of frogs. Creatures of all shapes and sizes staring up at me. But… […]


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