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Meet Emma

Crafting captivating portraits since 2010.

Emma is a London-based pencil portrait artist, specialising in realism and hyperrealism. She works in graphite on paper to create atmospheric grayscale portraits rendered to a great level of realism.

What Is A Portrait?

The art of portraiture is ancient, perhaps 5000 years old or more. Portraits have played a critical role in documenting human history and allowing us to gaze into the past.

On the most basic level a portrait could be considered a decoration and perhaps a statement of your taste.

More than that, it’s a snapshot of someone at a particular moment in time. A talking point for family, friends and guests. Even a status symbol.

Most important is the sentimental value: both your memories of the subject and of how you came to own the portrait.

For almost a decade Emma has helped her clients turn cherished memories into timeless portraits by transforming their photographs into stunning hyperreal artworks. All of her drawings are entirely unique and she works closely with each of her clients to create something that will be treasured for generations.

Why Commission?


Anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas. Guaranteed to make their face light up.


Engagements, graduations or career milestones. Ensure it’s one they never forget.

Family Portraits

Partners, children, pets or the whole gang. A unique alternative to a photoshoot.


A beautiful way to remember those no longer with us.

What Clients Say

"...totally captures our souls and our essence"

Debby, Chandlers Ford

"Emma captured everything about Charlie in such beautiful detail…"

Elsie, Winchester

" wife was absolutely delighted with it"

Jon, Greenwich

" made my sister’s face light up"

Jenny, London

"...I would highly recommend her skills to anyone..."

Cicely, Bristol

"…this is a spectacular portrait which captures my expression perfectly…"

Joanne, Southamton