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Meet Emma!


Emma is a London-based pencil portrait artist, specialising in realism and hyperrealism. Emma began drawing at a young age, spending countless hours of her childhood experimenting and developing her style. In 2017, Emma studied with hyperrealist Dirk Dzimirsky – an opportunity that allowed her to further hone her skill set. She has always been passionate about drawing animals and people and is grateful to have been able to turn this into her profession.


Emma works in graphite and monochrome wax pencils on paper. This medium defines her style; atmospheric grayscale portraits, rendered to a great level of realism. Her works are built up using many layers of graphite, with a higher level of detail being added with each layer. This results in works with a great sense of depth and tone. Her drawings commonly feature over-emphasis and simplification of detail and contrast, guiding the observer’s eye.


Emma is passionate about animal welfare and the environment. She wishes to use her art to raise both awareness and funds to help support a range of causes and charities that work within these areas. As such, Emma regularly donates profits from her original pieces and prints to charities related to the work in question. Details of which charity each work supports can be found on the relevant product page within the shop.

Most Important Of All..

Customer experience is at the heart of all of Emma’s work; she is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction when creating commissions. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or have an idea for a charitable project that Emma could help with don’t hesitate to get in touch.