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Choosing A Photograph

Emma works from your photographs to create your portrait. She will advise you throughout the selection process, so don’t don’t worry about finding the perfect picture straight away. The more pictures you can send her, the better. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To get started, select the relevant photo guide here:

If you already have some great photos then you’ll just want to know how to send them! Find out how to send your photos below.

Sending Your Photos

Once you have some great photos, you’ll want to send them to Emma. Get in touch with Emma via the contact page to begin discussing your commission. If you’re sending just a few photos you can send them as email attachments.

If you’re sending lots of photos, you might want to send them using a free transfer service such as wetransfer. Simply enter your email, Emma’s email and select the photos and you’re done!

If you need any help at all, just get in touch.